I’m a little bit crazy about Music, Design, Business and Blogging.

As you gathered, I’m Richard; I’m from beautiful Northern Ireland and a fresh Vancouverite. Growing up I always loved visuals and the idea of being a film director but after graduating I followed in my father’s footsteps and became a qualified electrician. Being a spark was interesting but it just didn’t give me that buzz I was looking for, so after 3 years I moved on to find something more creative and inspiring.

Whilst planning how to get my foot in the creative career door I picked up a job in a video store, next best thing to being a film director, right? Maybe not, but I really enjoyed it. In the space of 2 years I progressed from being a sales team member to the store manager of the firms second biggest store in the country.

Then the unique opportunity came up to work at BBC Northern Ireland. Over 5,000 people applied for only 5 positions available and I was successfully selected as one of those 5 to be trained in print, radio and television broadcasting. During my time there I assisted in the production of one of BBCNI’s most expensive documentaries as well as numerous other radio and television productions. After 3 years in that position my contract ended just in time for BBC’s 30% staff cuts so my time at the Beeb came to an end. I found myself jobless with a crazy itch to keep working and remain in the creative industry. I had a lot of trouble finding work so I decided to make my own.

I attended a few business courses that specialised in start-ups to kick-start my entrepreneurial knowledge. I put these newfound abilities to use in the form of a small music video production company. I began making music videos for local bands, one of which was voted the best music video from Northern Ireland. This all sparked a serious passion for my local music scene so I created Northern Ireland’s first ever music podcast. The podcast and its website introduced me to the world of blogging, social media, marketing, advertising and general internet things. My blog,, fast became one of Northern Ireland’s busiest independent websites – in it’s 7 years it has also picked up several awards and is part of the VICE blogging Network.

My passion for great music led to me being asked to DJ local gigs and since then I’ve DJ’d in many different venues in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and even spots throughout the UK. I’ve went touring with bands, been a photographer at major gigs and events, produced music and comedy performances and most recently co-produced a music and culture magazine for The Thin Air. I brought the magazine from concept to physical copy and am in charge of marketing, advertising, development, content and design.

I’ve also found the time to start up and steadily grow a printing and graphic design business. Love Print and Design is one of Northern Ireland’s newest and most modern print stores for commercial and digital printing. We’re also a very proud sponsor of the United Kingdom’s number one ice hockey team and EIHL champions, The Belfast Giants. I’ve created all this from passion, positive thinking and zero budget.

I’m a colossal music fan! It’s such a beautiful medium that brings people together to dance, conversate and debate. I’d have a troublesome time telling you of a genre that didn’t appeal to me, but I think I’m most passionate about brand new music. I’ve been DJing techno, dance, rock and indie for the past 8 years at a legion of different clubs, pups, gigs, festivals, events, birthdays and weddings. I’ve an extensive collection of music that spans 50 decades and I think that knowledge gives me a bit of an edge which keeps me unpredictable and very eclectic.
I also love bears…

Big bears

Little bears

Brown bears

Black bears

Tall bears

Short bears

Long bears

Furry bears

Baby bears

Old bears

Skinny bears

Fat bears

Sleepy bears

Soft bears

….the list goes on. Forever.

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